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We strive to provide the best service possible for our clients, and have a very strong focus on education both of our practitioners and our clients. We are forever learning new techniques and introducing new equipment, services and education programmes, in order to keep Equestricare ahead of the rest. Check out this website on tantric massage London here. 

Equestricare is unique in regards to our educational programs and as well as offering Sports Therapy Services we also offer an IICT (International Institute of Complimentary Therapies) and ETAA (Equine Therapies Association of Australia) approved Certificate in Equine Sports Massage & Certificate in Tissue Mobilisation Techniques for Horses which is available both in an extended and condensed format, online study courses, and more.

Equestricare provides a variety of services (massage, tissue mobilisation, myofascial release, red light therapy, microcurrent & taping) for the treatment of equine injury, pain and performance issues as well as general muscle maintenance. When you book a service from Equestricare, you know you are getting some of the most reputable, professional and highly skilled therapists around.

Distance Education Courses
Now recognised by the IICT for approved training provider status. The IICT has recently added several distant education and off campus schools and colleges to our approved training 
providers list. [read more]

Online Insurance Registration feature
Accelerate your insurance registration process and get cover sooner.
In conjunction with the IICT and our Insurance specalists OAMPS you can now access a cover note for your practice. Its quick and easy. For details [click here]

New: Affiliate Membership – Suitable for Psychics; Tarot Readers and Clairvoyants.
This new level of IICT membership offers affiliation with the IICT for anyone who is practicing the psychic arts. Recognising a need for this industry the IICT set about creating a specific membership for practitioners. [click here]

Renew your IICT Membership
The easy way to renew or upgrade your IICT Membership is just one click away. To renew your IICT membership now [click here]

Special Report: 
Are you paying too much for practitioner insurance and natural therapy membership fees? This special report reveals a cheaper alternative for practitioners [read more]

Referral Rewards Program 
Help share the IICT and we will rebate back to you $10.00 every time you refer a friend to the IICT. The referral rewards program offers additional bonuses, such as: Free i-Pod Nano; Coles/Myer gift vouchers and more… [click here]

Upgrade your training
Get up to 10% discount on all affiliate workshops and courses when you become an IICT full member. To qualify for the discount listed all you need to do is present a copy of your IICT Full Membership when registering with an affiliated school or college. To see the IICT affiliate program discounts [click here]